American Twisting Company

Makers of paper cords and paper covered wires for several industries including Wire and Cable, Furniture, Automotive, Bag Manufacturing, and Recycling Companies, has been family owned for over 85 years. Am-Twist offers a line of twisted papers for the decorative crafts market, including a complete assortment of twisted metallics, colored iridescents and covered wire products. Our exclusively designed twisting machines provide exceptional quality and pricing unsurpassed in today’s market. We are the only manufacturer to ship direct to retailers, and now offer the convenience of Internet e-commerce.

AM-TWIST® represents a line of colored paper cords and wires used in floral, crafts and home decorative products.
We use only the highest quality papers with the longest fibers to ensure maximum tensile strength.
Made from fine quality papers and twisted with 80 years of experience, you will find our Paper Rush consistent in size and shape.