AM-TWIST® represents a line of colored paper cords and wires used in floral, crafts and home decorative products.

We have twisted papers, metallic and iridescent cords, and soft paper covered wires, all easily worked into wreaths, bows, flowers, baskets, and other crafts.

There’s a rainbow of colors – well over 40 in all. The special inking process assures excellent color fastness and allows a uniform color when untwisted.

The cords and wires are packaged on large and small spools as well as 6 yd. and 25 yd. pre-cut hanks. Spools can be sold from our point of purchase display racks. These racks are available at no charge when requested with a minimum order of $500.00 or more. The display rack holds 40 of our 200 and 300 yard spools, 20 of our 500 yard spools or several combinations of these 3 sizes.

Our exclusively designed twisting machines provide exceptional quality and pricing unsurpassed in today’s market. And we’re the only manufacturer to ship direct to retailers, thus making our products available to cottage industry craftspeople at a reasonable price.

In most cases all orders are shipped within 2 working days, you can always have what you need in stock and never be forced to forecast seasonal demand.

Minimum Order Of $25.00 Required.
Shipping To United States And Canada Only.
To Order – Please Call: