Twisted Paper Cords

American Twisting Company offers high quality twisted paper cords.
We use only the highest quality papers with the longest fibers to ensure
maximum tensile strength.

Listed below are some of the products and uses for our paper cords:

  • Fleece Twine
  • Filter Cord
  • Cable Fillers
  • Bag Top Twine
  • Hop Twine
  • Carpet Backing Cord
  • Paper Cords For Wicker Furniture
  • Seaming Cords
  • Rush Twine
  • Seating Cords
  • Generator Cord
  • Paper Tacking Strip
  • Nailing Strip
  • Expansion Cord For Road Construction
  • Tie Wire
  • Bean Twine
  • Paper Table Covers
  • Industrial Paper Cable Fillers

Again, we are very flexible as to minimum orders, paper cord sizes, and packaging options.  Please give us a call today for more information.