Poinsettias In A Basket


6 3/4 yards green soft wire
8 ft. red paper ribbon
4 ft. green paper ribbon
3 in. yellow ribbon twisted
Small basket
Styrofoam square

  1. Place Styrofoam inside basket.
  3. Cut six 5″ pieces of soft wire. Twist them together leaving 2 1/2″ from the end untwisted. Spread out the six ends.
  4. Cut two pieces of red paper 8″ long and one piece 6 1/2″ long. Untwist and fold in half. Cut two petals out of each piece of paper leaving them slightly attached at the fold.
  5. Put glue on one side of petal and glue to one of the pieces of wire. Fold the other side on top so petal is glued together with wire inside. Glue the four larger petals on the outside and the two smaller on the inside.
  6. Cut 5 pieces of wire 1 1/2″ long. Twist one end together. Slightly branch out other ends. Place glue on the twisted end and push inside the middle of petals.
  7. Cut 5 pieces of twisted yellow 1/2″ and glue them to the ends of the wire.
  8. Make seven flowers and push them into the styrofoam


    Cut three 6″ pieces of wire, twist leaving 2 1/2″. Cut 8″ of green, untwist and fold in half. Cut out three petals and glue to wire the same way the flowers were made. Arrange them in the basket between flowers.