Paper Covered Soft Wire Welcome Wreath



25-1/2 yards paper covered soft wire (color #1)
8-1/2 yards paper covered soft wire (color #2)
2 yards paper twist (color #1)
1 yard paper twist (color #2)
9 inch craft ring
floral wire



Scissors or small wire cutters
Low temp glue gun and glue



Cut and untwist one yard of paper twist (color #1). Wrap the untwisted paper around the 9 inch craft ring, covering it entirely.
Cut both colors of paper covered soft wire into 14 inch pieces. This will give you 66 pieces of color #1 and 22 pieces of color #2. Taking both ends of each piece of the paper covered soft wire, form a “U” shape. Starting with color #1, place the craft ring inside the “U” and twist the soft wire once or twice to secure it to the ring. Do three pieces of color #1 and then 1 piece of color #2. Follow this procedure all the way around the craft ring, using all of your pieces of both colors of soft wire.
After the craft ring is completely covered with soft wire, take the pencil and wrap each piece of soft wire (one at a time), around it forming a spiral. Gently slide the pencil out. The soft wire will remain in a spiral shape. Follow this step all the way around the craft ring.



Untwist the remaining two yards of paper twist (one yard of each color). Cut both pieces in half lengthwise. Glue the cut pieces of the same color end to end to make a two yard piece. Do this for both colors.

Secure the middle with floral wire. Follow the same procedure for color #2. NOTE: leave a small center loop in the second bow. Place color #2 bow on top of color #1 bow and secure them both to the wreath with floral wire.



Small welcome plaque for the middle of the wreath, dried flowers, or gyp. ribbon.