Miniature Easter Bunny


Materials Needed:
1″ Styrofoam ball
1 1/2 yards Pink Iridescent Ribbon Stock
9″ Clear Iridescent Ribbon Stock
15″ Clear Iridescent Soft Wire (arms)
7″ Pink Iridescent Soft Wire (ears)
Paper Cone Cup (for more support use 2)
Low temp glue gun/glue
Floral wire


Small basket, mini eggs, silk ribbon for bow, etc.
Glue a bow to the head between ears. Place mini eggs in basket and put basket in Bunny’s hand.


Using the 9″ Clear Iridescent Ribbon cover styrofoam ball. (See front directions under HEAD)
Take 15″ Clear wire and 2 pieces Pink Iridescent Ribbon each cut to 4 1/2″. Using photo and directions on reverse side makes ARMS. When finished connect head to arms
Turn the paper cup over so point is up. Cut about 1/2″ off the tip. Place the arms on the cup and glue the two strips of Clear Iridescent to front and back of cup.


Cut 2 pieces of the Iridescent Pink 9 1/2″ long. Drape one piece over a shoulder and across chest. Glue to side of cup. Repeat with the second piece forming an X at chest.


Cut 4 pieces of Pink 6″ long. Follow the SKIRT directions on he reverse side. Tuck finished skirt up into cup and glue.


Cut the Pink wire in half and form ears. Fill in the middle of ears with Pink Iridescent. Using a toothpick, make holes in the Styrofoam head and push the ends of wire into them.