Festive Basket With Braided Handle


Materials Needed: 


Approximately 6 yards of Am-Twist Paper Twist (color #1)
Approximately 5 yards of another complimentary color (color #2)
2 grocery bags (please note that the size of grocery bag chosen will determine the size of the finished project)
12 clothespins (paper clips may also be used)
23″ x 23″ material to be used for lining (we have used material of these dimensions to make the basket in photo)
Low temp glue and glue gun




Measure about 6″ from the bottom of the bags and cut. Place one bag inside the other for reinforcement.

Cut 2 pieces of color #1 28″ long and untwist. Fit strips lengthwise along the bags folding the ends inside of bag. Secure with clothespins.

Using the same color, cut 4 pieces 23″ long and untwist. Fold one end over side of bag and secure with clothespin. Bring it down to bottom and weave through the two strips already there. Bring it up the other side and fold end over and secure with clothespin. Repeat the weaving process with remaining 3 pieces.

Cut color #2 into 3 pieces 40″ long. Untwist paper then remove a clothespin and lift one of the strips. Fold the piece lengthwise over the top of the bag so the paper is about 2″ on the inside and 2″ on the outside. Remove the clothespins. Alternate each piece so color #1 is over color”2 and the next one is under it. Glue ends together. Glue strip to inside of bag. Repeat the weaving the weaving process with the remaining 2 pieces.

Cut remaining pieces 25″ long. Untwist to an extent so that paper may be braided to make your handle. Glue to sides of bag. Cover inside with material and add bows to each side of the handle.


*Project Variation:


For an even more festive look, untwist enough iridescent to place on top of each strip of paper already cut. Simply place the iridescent on the strips and glue the ends to secure it to paper strip.