1 Pkg. (10″ x 6 Yds.) “Am-Twist” Paper Twist (color #1)
1 Pkg. (10″ x 6 Yds.) of another complimentary “Am-Twist” Paper Twist (color #2)
1 – 9″ plastic foam cone
1 – 18″ piece of soft paper covered wire
1 – 2″ – 2 – 1/2″ wooden ball (pre-painted)
2 pieces eucalyptus
2 pieces spanish moss (for hair)
designer tacky glue
low temp glue gun and glue sticks
raffia and small dried flowers



Untwist six yards of color #1 and three yards of color #2. Cut into 18″ pieces. Glue six pieces of color #1 side by side, over lapping 1/4″, set aside. Repeat with remaining pieces of color #1. Repeat with color #2. This gives you 2 color #1 and 1 #2 sections.

Beginning at the middle of the 18″ edge, gather from one end to the other and tie with wire. Each of the three skirt sections will now be in the shape of a bow. Join the edges at each side and glue, forming a circle of each section.



Cut 1 1/4″ off the cone top. With the seams at the sides, fold one color #1 section in half over the cone, checking that the skirt will cover cone. (if not, trim cone). Attach at mid point with glue gun. Repeat with color #2, then with the other color #1 section.



Determine what will be your front. Glue the wooden ball (head) tilting back slightly onto the center of skirt at top of cone. Apply glue around back, sides and bang area of head. Forming a ball of spanish moss and indenting like a bird’s nest, place it on the head pressing down firmly from back to front.



With your hand under the top layer of the skirt, aligned with each eye, raise about 3 inches going out to the edge folding the edge over twice forming a cuff. Glue the cuff bottom together for each arm.



Form a circle from one piece of eucalyptus tying with raffia. Repeat with other piece of eucalyptus. Glue to the back of the doll at the base of the head for wings. Using about 12 pieces of raffia, come down 6″, then braid for 6″-8″. Form a circle with the braided portion of the raffia, tying with another piece. Trim the tails to uniform length. Attach halo with glue gun to back of head. Using six pieces of raffia, make a small bow, gluing to neck. Attach small dried flowers to hair.