Materials Needed: 
2 1/2″ styrofoam ball
5 yards white AM-TWIST paper
5 yards Iridescent
22″ white covered wire
Low temp glue and glue gun
Floral Wire
Flowers for bouquet, hat for veil, hair


Cut a piece of white paper 19″ long. Untwist. Find the middle of that piece and twist once or twice. Place the twisted part on the top of the ball and cover the entire ball with the paper. Wire at neck with floral wire.


Take the paper covered wire and make a circle twisting the ends together. Twist the wire together leaving leaving a loop at each end for the hands. Cut a piece of white paper and iridescent 7″ long. Place the iridescent on top of the white. With the white paper on top, gather the piece around the wrist so only the hand is covered. Wire with floral wire (see photo #1). Pull the paper over the arm so sleeve is puffy and iridescent is now on the outside with wire in the middle of arm. Repeat with other side.


Connect Head To Arms:
Place the arms between the 2 pieces of paper hanging from the head and wire with floral wire (see photo #2).


Cut 3 of each white and iridescent 20″. Place iridescent on top of white paper. Take first piece and leaving about 7″ in the front, bring it around back of neck and back to front crossing at chest. Take the other 2 pieces and drape each over a shoulder, crossing at front and back. Wire just below waist.


Cut 8 piecesof both white and iridescent 11″ long. Glue iridescent pieces to white. Push dolls arms up towards head. With white paper facing you place pieces just below waist making sure the pieces are going up towards head. Overlap each strip. When all pieces are positioned all the way around the waist, wire very tightly at waist with floral wire. Decorate with hair, a hat and flowers for the bride, wings and a halo for the angel.


In addition to our standard 4″ width we now offer our paper twist in 6″, 8″ and 10″ widths. These widths are available in the new 6 yard and 25 yard hank. When using one of the wider widths, please alter materials needed accordingly.